Lightroom 5.7.1 Is Out

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Hey everyone, Matt here. Just a quick update for you if you’re a Lightroom user. They just released a minor “dot” release to Lightroom 5.7.1. It’s nothing really major and pretty much just adds some new camera and lens support.

So if you’re a Sony A7 II owner, or have any of the newer Canon and Tokina lenses out there, then you’ll want to make sure you get it. And if you’re not in the group above, well, it’s always good to stay updated anyway, but it probably won’t make much of a difference for you.

Here’s a link to the Lightroom Journal (Adobe’s Lightroom blog) where you can read about the new lenses and changes supported in the update.

As for updating, here’s the links for Mac and PC:



Perfect Inspiration: Food Photography with Nicole Young

Posted on December 12, 2014 by Peter Kinnan - 6 Comments

Watch Nicole Young in this Perfect Inspiration talk about how she sets up her food photography studio with diffused light.  She covers hardware to software and shows how she uses the Perfect Photo Suite 9 to enhance her final image.  Get Nicole Young’s free Hot Cocoa Preset. Click Here

November Photo Contest Winners

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The November photo contest showcased some great photos of our friends out on the road. It was great seeing how everyone interpreted the theme their own way. Our December contest, is all about being with friends and families, on vacation, or relaxing during this holiday season.

Here are the November contest winners and thanks again to all those who submitted photos.

- Patrick

1st Place: Boyd Turner


2nd Place: Johan Lennartsson


3rd Place: Antonio Prado


My Favorite Lightroom Feature for Landscape or HDR Photographers

Posted on December 9, 2014 by Matt K - 39 Comments

A while back, I stumbled across a feature in Lightroom that I had totally forgotten about. Basically, if you’ve ever shot bracketed photos (setting your camera to auto-bracket mode) for HDR or landscape photography, then you’ve probably got a grid full of photos that looks crazy right? Super dark photos mixed in with super bright photos, and some well exposed photos in between. Well, this feature helps take care of that so that you can match the overall exposure between those photos, and it makes it much easier to look through them and pick your favorites. Enjoy!

onLocation: Perfect Inspiration – The Olympic Peninsula

Posted on December 5, 2014 by Peter Kinnan - 11 Comments


Watch Hudson Henry in this episode of Perfect Inspiration sharing photos from his backpacking trip on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state.  Hudson encounters wildlife, sea life, and beautiful scenery and documents it all with his Nikon D810.  See how Hudson uses Perfect Photo Suite 9 to add the finishing touches to his photos and share some stories along the way.