Perfect Inspiration: Growing Your Craft with Scott Davenport

Posted on November 26, 2014 by Peter Kinnan - 1 Comment

Watch Scott Davenport talk about photographing a scene he usually wouldn’t consider. Scott knew what look he wanted to achieve and knew he could use Perfect Effects to stylize this photo. Sometimes its not how things appear through your lens but rather what you know you can do post processing your photos in the Perfect Photo Suite.


I’m Locked Out of Lightroom! Where’s My Photos?

Posted on November 24, 2014 by Matt K - 21 Comments

The other day, when I restarted my computer and launched Lightroom I saw the screen you see below. Definitely not one I expected. Now, I had made a few changes to my computer and my Adobe CC subscription was indeed still active and it only took me a few seconds to log-in and get rid of this screen, but I thought it was a great chance to do a video to show you exactly what happens and what you can/can’t do in Lightroom if this happens.


Before I saw this screen, I had actually only heard what happens. I knew the Develop module was locked, and I knew your photos weren’t “stuck” in Lightroom forever. But I never actually realized that Lightroom is pretty much fully functional except for the Develop module.

NOTE: Apparently I mis-spoke around 2:40 where I said the Develop module is fully functional. I meant to say Library module. I’d redo the video, but I’d probably just screw it up again ;-)

Anyway, below is a short video where I show that Lightroom is indeed deactivated, and I walk you through each area and what you can still do with your photos. Enjoy!

PS: I said it in the video but I’ll say it here too. This video is for people who actually are an Adobe CC member or thinking about it. If that’s not you, follow these steps closely:
1) Stop reading now
2) Don’t watch the video
3) And resist the urge to leave the comment that you refuse to be part of the creative cloud and the long rant that goes along with it.

Thanks! ;-)

Comments Are Live!

Posted on November 21, 2014 by Matt K - 8 Comments

Hey everyone. Just wanted to let you know that comments are live on the blog now. I’ve had quite a few people ask about opening up the conversation and enabling comments, and we couldn’t agree more.

They’re officially enabled now so comment away. A couple of things to consider first though:

1) No mean people. I understand you may have had a bad day and your favorite football team may have lost recently, but no mean stuff. It’s fine to disagree – just be nice about it.

2) If you do post mean stuff, guess what? You get deleted. And just so you know this doesn’t in any way violate your first amendment rights. Good try though ;)

Here’s a few example comments to use as guidelines:

Comments like: “Hey that’s awesome. You guys rock! I love you!” – will always get published.

Comments like: “You suck. I hate you.” – will always get deleted.

Comments like: “I disagree with this post because I feel….” – will always get published.

Comments like: “I disagree with this post, and you guys suck and I hate you” – will always get deleted.

Comments like: “Hey other random commenter dude – you’re absolutely right. I agree” – will always get published.

Comments like” “Hey other random commenter dude – I disagree with you because…” – will always get published.

Comments like” “Hey other random commenter dude – you suck, I hate you.” – will always get deleted.

I think you get the idea. Be nice! It’s okay to start a discussion or even disagree. Just be nice – kinda like you’d be to your next door neighbor. And if you say “You suck, I hate you” to your next door neighbor, well, then you need to get new neighbors :)

One Last Thing About “Support” Related Comments
One last thing to consider… onOne has a Support section on the website. So try to keep the comments on the blog at least related to the topic at hand. Leaving a support-related comments isn’t usually the best way to get something taken care of. If I see them I can definitely forward them on, but I don’t monitor comments as often as the support team monitors that part of the site. So check out the support area and see if your question was already answered, and if not then there’s a contact section that you can send your question in to.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Nicole’s eBook Update – Sneak Peek Included

Posted on November 20, 2014 by Patrick Smith - 10 Comments


We know customers are eager to get this in their hands and we wanted to provide a quick update on Nicole’s upcoming eBook, Step by Step with onOne Software. We are happy to let you know it should be ready the first week of December! Nicole also let us know things are moving along nicely so there’s a chance it could be ready even sooner.

Once the eBook is available, we will email everyone who pre-ordered Perfect Photo Suite 9 with instructions to download the eBook.

Here are some previews of a few chapters from the eBook:





You Asked For It… Calendar Templates in the Photo Suite

Posted on by Matt K - 5 Comments

The other day here on the blog, I shared some Lightroom Calendar Presets and templates that a friend of mine, Ed Weaver had created for 2015. The response was huge and I’m really glad you liked ‘em. But I did see a few questions from some people on social media asking if there was any way to do the same thing in the Perfect Photo Suite since they weren’t using Lightroom.

As I thought about it, I realized that you could definitely still do something similar with Layers in the suite. I have a video for you below showing exactly how, but here’s a screen capture of what it looks like, and you’ll notice the result is pretty much exactly like we’d get in Lightroom. It may take an extra few minutes to get there, but you can still get a similar result.

Calendar Templates in Perfect Photo Suite

Anyway, here’s the video. It’s a short 5 minutes so it’s easy to watch. And don’t forget to check out the original post to download all of the files and images I’m referring to in the video.