Welcome To The All-New Perfect Photo Suite 7!

Posted on September 5, 2012 by Patrick Smith

Hey there, everyone – Brian Matiash here. I’m the Curriculum & Education manager at onOne and I’m truly thrilled to have the opportunity to write this post. ‘But why, Brian?’ is a question that you may be asking right about now. Well – typically, when companies announce major refreshes to their entire product lineup, it’s a pretty big deal and it is accompanied by a slew of official press releases sent across the wire touting off all of the new features. And, of course, we’ve got our press releases for you to peruse. But, I’d like to share this announcement more personably.

Let me go right into telling you just how much went into rebuilding Perfect Photo Suite into the incarnation you see today. Nothing that you see here happened by accident. Everything from the updated UI color scheme to the layout of the toolbars and even down to the fonts were meticulously discussed in a collaborative way that rivaled any experience I’ve ever had. Ultimately, our goal was, and always will be, very simple – we want to build the very best image editing product imaginable for every type of photographer. Whether you use a point ‘n shoot, a dSLR, or even your cameraphone – you’ll find some amazing tools in Perfect Photo Suite 7 that will help you truly realize your photographic vision.

For starters, we built a brand new product that focuses on the sacred realm of black and white photography called Perfect B&W. We didn’t want to just give you another interface to convert your color images to black and white. We wanted to give you a product that makes it easy to infuse the mood, elegance and drama that black and white photography provides along with a powerful set of tools to help you refine a look to your specific taste. We know that there are A LOT of very passionate black and white photographers out there and we have taken great care in building a product that honors and holds true to that passion.

Next up is Perfect Portrait 2. We had very lofty goals when we first built Perfect Portrait for Perfect Photo Suite 6. We wanted to build the easiest and most powerful portrait retouching product that helps aid in creating gorgeous images. We learned a lot from that product and made it even better, more accurate, and most importantly, more intuitive to use. Now, you have maximum control in determining how your portraits look with our new Eye & Mouth Control Points. This new method of face refinement gives you much more improved accuracy and control. I have no doubt that you will find these improvements to be MUCH more helpful with your portrait retouching.

Now while I can go on for many, many more paragraphs discussing all of the changes you’ll find in Perfect Photo Suite 7, I’m going wrap things up here by saving the best for last (at least to me :) ). When we released Perfect Effects 3 with Perfect Photo Suite 6, we started down a path to provide our users with a powerful and expansive set of effects and tools to help you infuse your images with an infinite amount of creative options. And now with Perfect Effects 4, we asked ourselves how we can build on top of that. For starters, we built in some of the most requested features from the Perfect Effects predecessor, PhotoTools 2.6. You now have the ability to set your favorite effects and search for effects, making stylization even faster. Additionally, we built a massive library of blending modes that give you a whole new dimension in creative control.

And then there is the Perfect Brush – our brand new edge-detecting brush that will make painting effects within the lines easier than you could have ever imagined. And the best part is that the Perfect Brush can be found in every product where you would need to paint something in or out, like Perfect B&W and Perfect Portrait 2. Trust me – this brush is simply amazing.

So, in case you couldn’t tell by now – I am VERY stoked about this major release and I know that you will be, too. To learn more, please head on over to our homepage AND visit our new, daily series called Coffee Talk. Every morning, we’ll post a new short video that showcases a new feature of Perfect Photo Suite 7. It’s a great way to start your day! :)

Now, here is one thing to note – if you purchased Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 on or after August 1, 2012 you are eligible to receive a free upgrade to Version 7. If you purchased the product directly from onOne Software, we will notify you via email with the free upgrade information around the end of October. If you purchased Perfect Photo Suite 6.1 from a reseller, please contact Customer Service for information on receiving the free upgrade. You will be required to provide a dated order receipt in order to receive the free upgrade.

Thanks for your attention and we look forward to seeing all of the amazing work you all will share using the all new Perfect Photo Suite 7!



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