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Perfect Photo Suite 8

Perfect Photo Suite 8 is a result of your ideas and feedback and includes more ways to create the images you want, the way you want. Now it's even faster and easier to spark your inspiration, fix your photos, and create your perfect image—all in this one powerful and complete photo editing solution.

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New! Perfect Enhance Module

Make basic corrections that almost every image needs to go from good to great. Get automatic fixes or fine-tune your brightness, contrast, vibrancy, detail, and more.

Perfect Enhance

New! Perfect Eraser

Using content-aware fill technology, remove objects and automatically reconstruct what could have been behind it with the powerful Perfect Eraser.

Perfect Eraser

New! More Filters

Enjoy 13 new adjustable Filters in the Effects module that give you the power to bring out the best in your photos and create the looks you want—from the popular HDR look to a vintage,


Instagram®-inspired look. Add stunning clarity with the Dynamic Contrast filter or warmth with a sunshine glow. You can even recreate traditional darkroom processes, and more!




Selective Focus
Tilt Shift Bokeh Highlights

New! FocalPoint is Now
in the Effects Module

The best parts of our FocalPoint technology are now in the Effects module as the Lens Blur filter. Add selective focus, a cool miniature tilt-shift effect, or bokeh highlights to your photos as a seamless part of your creative stylization workflow.

Selective Focus

Tilt Shift

Bokeh Highlights

New! Customizable Presets

You now have the power to fine-tune every preset included in the Effects module. Layers are now revealed that show the filters that make up each preset, giving you the control to adjust or delete any of them individually. Then save the stack as your own preset that you can use over and over again with any image.

Customizable Presets

New! Extras Manager

When you import additional backgrounds, textures, borders, and presets you acquire, including those you create yourself, into Perfect Photo Suite 8—you can easily organize them with the Extras Manager, so you'll always have just what you want to create the look you want.

Extras Manager

New! Browser

Quickly get to your images wherever they're stored—on your computer, your network, or on a cloud-based storage service like Dropbox, Google Drive, or Apple’s Photo Stream.



New! Timesaving Batch Processing

Automatically repeat your editing actions across multiple images from any one module or string actions together from multiple modules. Get consistent results quickly as you batch process image resizing, stylization, cropping, and even adding a visual watermark to your entire group of selected images.

New! Multiple File Handling

Open and work with more than one image at a time. Move between images to edit or copy layers from one file to the next.

Multiple File Handling

New! Improved Masking Bug

Darken skies, create vignettes, and add effects quickly and easily with the more intuitive and readjustable Masking Bug.

Masking Bug

New! Open RAW Files Faster

Open and process RAW files faster, with better quality. Support for new cameras also added.

New! Higher Quality Effects

Enjoy performance enhancements and improved effects with minimized articles without sacrificing processing speed.

New! Instant Reset

Reset an individual adjustment slider back to its default with a simple and quick double-click.

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