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I am receiving error “The activation Library could not be located -200″ (Windows only)

For Perfect Photo Suite Suite 7.x users who have just installed  and chosen to keep previous plugins like PhotoFrame, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to C:Program FilesonOne SoftwarePhotoFrame 4.6 Professional Edition (Or PhotoTools, if you are a PhotoTools user)  and copy onOneSuite6Check.dll (if you upgraded to Suite 7 from Suite 5 copy the onOneSuite5Check.dll)
  2. Paste this file into to C:Program FilesAdobeAdobe Photoshop CS X(whatever version of photoshop you are using)
  3. Then attempt to launch plugin and this should correct the error


NOTE: Earlier Knowledge Base article for the -200 Error. These are older instructions for Suite 5.x users who received this error using earlier versions of the plugins. You will not need to follow these steps if you are using Perfect Photo Suite 7.x

Please use the following instructions to resolve this issue. Perfect Photo Suite 5.5 or 5.5.1 must be the version installed in order for this to work.

  1. Please close Adobe Photoshop
  2. Download the installer by clicking here
  3. Extract the file and save it to the desktop
  4. Double click on the file name “onOne Service.exe”
  5. Click through the steps of the installer
  6. Click on Finish once the installer has finished
  7. Please restart the computer
  8. Once the computer has been restarted, please launch Adobe Photoshop
  9. Open an image
  10. Attempt to launch your onOne Software plug-in

Windows Vista Users:

Please make sure you have your User Account Control turned off.

Go to: Start>Control Panel(Classic View)>User Accounts>Turn User Account Control on or off>(Uncheck this box and restart your computer)

Windows 7 Users:

Please make sure you have your User Account Control turned off.

Go to: Control Panel / User Accounts and Family Safety: You will need to turn the UAC to the lowest level(never notify), restart the computer, and then relaunch the onOne Software plug-in.

Note: If you do not see the AppData/ProgramData file go to the Control Panel,  select Folder Options, and click on the View tab.  Turn on the option, “Show hidden files and folders” and click Ok.  As soon as you do this the AppData/Program Data folder will become visible.