I am experiencing issues with Perfect Photo Suite 6.x or 7.x freezing or crashing (Windows only)

If you are experiencing freezing or crashing trying to open Perfect Photo Suite 6.x or 7.x, please make sure to check your video card specifications. Please also make sure to download the latest update for this product under the software updates section here.

Note: Certain IntelĀ® HD Graphics Cards do not meet the minimum system requirements for video cards.

The above noted video cards are shared memory video RAM cards which are typically 64 MB of memory and do not have the dedicated 256 MB of dedicated memory required to use Perfect Photo Suite 6 or Suite 7.

To check the specifications of the video card, please use the following steps:

  1. Right-Click on your desktop and choose – Personalize
  2. Then click on Display (bottom left corner)
  3. Choose – Change Display Settings
  4. Advanced Settings

This window will show the dedicated video memory in megabytes. This needs to be 256 MB or greater to meet the minimum requirements.

Please also check how current the video card driver is by clicking on the Properties tab and choose – Driver.

If the video card driver is more than a month old, there is most likely a newer driver available directly from the video card manufacturer.

We recommend going directly to the video card manufacturers website rather than using the Windows Update driver tab to update the video card. This way you are sure to download the latest driver.

Note: If you are using a Windows laptop computer, video cards are typically embedded chipsets. Driver support is most often handled by the manufacturer of the laptop, i.e. DELL, HP, SONY, etc.

We have seen instances where getting the latest driver may correct the problems you are experiencing with an IntelĀ® chipset, however, this does not circumvent the minimum system requirements.