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About window reads “Trial” even though it is activated.

Posted on May 30, 2014

The plug-ins are not showing in Lightroom (Mac only)

Posted on November 26, 2013

If the plug-ins are not showing after running the installer, they can be installed into LightRoom manually using the instructions below.

    1. Please launch Lightroom and go to File > Plug-in Manager
    2. Click “Add” at the bottom left of the menu
    3. A finder window will open to browse to the correct folder location (see path below)
    4. Select the plug-in file and choose “Add Plug-in”


Path: Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/LightRoom/Modules

Perfect Photo Suite 9 customers only need to add the “Perfect Photo Suite 9.lrplugin”.

Backing Up Your Presets

Posted on August 27, 2013

If you need to reinstall your software it is a good idea to back up your existing Presets. To backup your Preset collections follow these steps below:


1. “Open Finder and go up to the top menu bar and click “Go”

2. Hold down the Option Key while clicking on the GO menu. (This will reveal the hidden User Library)

3. Click on Library. Then goto the Application Support Folder>onOne Software.

4. Duplicate this folder. (Command-D)

5. Drag duplicate folder out onto Desktop and/or move to a location of  your choice to backup to.


1. Goto your C:Users(You/User)App DataRoamingonOne Software

(If you do not see the App Data folder in your User folder, make sure you have Hidden Files and Folders enabled in your Control Panel>Folder Options>View set to Show Hidden Files and Folders)

2. Right-click the file or folder you want to copy, and then click Copy

3. Navigate to and Open the location where you want to store the copy.

4. Right-click within the location, and then click Paste.



The products are not displaying from the “Edit In” menu – Lightroom only

Posted on August 25, 2013

Enabling the option “Store presets with catalog” will prevent certain onOne Software products from showing up in the (right click) Edit In menu. To get the products to show in the menu, please uncheck the option below (Go to the Preferences menu and choose Presets to access this option). See image below.

Certain onOne Software products will not be available from the Edit In menu. These include Perfect Layers, Perfect Mask, and opening Perfect Photo Suite 8 as one application. To access these products, please go to the File > Plug-in Extras menu.

Perfect Photo Suite 7.5 update fails

Posted on June 3, 2013

If you are receiving the message the installer could not find Perfect Photo Suite 7 to update, please download and run the full installer for the correct version you own:


Premium Edition Full Installer

Lightroom & Aperture Editon Full Installer


Premium Edition Full Installer

Lightroom & Aperture Edition Full Installer

If you are still having difficulties contact our Technical Support department here.


I am receiving an “Unknown Error – xxx” – the number is different each time.

Posted on April 18, 2013

This error appears immediately after launch and is a different number each time.   Please follow these instructions to resolve this issue

1. Go to: StartControl PanelAdministrative ToolsServices

2. In this window, look for these three services: Windows Event LogTask Scheduler, and Nalpeiron Licensing Service

3. Make sure all three services Status is listed as “Running” and the Startup Type is set to “Automatic”

4. If not, right click on the item and choose Start.

This should fix the problem…if the same errors continue…

Check your virus protection program(s) and firewall settings and make sure neither are blocking the onOne application.

If all of these options do not work please go back and reinstall the software.  Instead of double clicking on the .exe installer file please RIGHT CLICK and choose RUN AS THE ADMINISTRATOR and make sure you have temporarily disabled your antivirus software prior to installation.

If the unknown errors persist, please try the following:

Please close all of your applications (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Elements, etc.) and follow these instructions.

1. Go to C:/Program Files/onOne Software/License Manager

2. Right click and choose Run As Administrator on the License Manager application.

3. Once the License Manager is open, please enter your license number and choose Activate

4. Launch onOne Software again


Aperture Error Message – Unable to Communicate with Perfect Photo Suite 7.1

Posted on February 20, 2013

If you are receiving this error, you can resolve it easily by launching the stand alone version one time before opening the software via Aperture.

This is due to Apple’s new sand boxing restrictions within Mac OS 10.8

1) Please quit Perfect Photo Suite 7.1 and Aperture

2) Go to your Applications folder>Perfect Photo Suite 7 and open application

3) Then go back to Aperture and launch plugin

4) You will then be able to edit without further incident

Which effects are not included in Perfect Photo Suite 7.x Standard Edition?

Posted on January 15, 2013

Perfect Effects 4.x included with Perfect Photo Suite 7 Standard Edition does not include the following photographic effects.

  • No Antique category
  • No Edge Control category
  • Half the content in the Borders category
  • Half the content in the Textures category
  • Half the content in the Vignette category
  • Half the content in the B&W category
  • 120 Dirty.ONEffects
  • 35 Dirty Cool.ONEffects
  • 35 Dirty Warm.ONEffects
  • Antique Flat Brown.ONEffects
  • Antique Flat Gray.ONEffects
  • Antique Flat Indigo.ONEffects
  • Black Key.ONEffects
  • Black Leather.ONEffects
  • Black Round Key.ONEffects
  • Blue Filter.ONEffects
  • Blur Bottom.ONEffects
  • Blur Left.ONEffects
  • Blur Right.ONEffects
  • Blur Top and Bottom.ONEffects
  • Blur Top.ONEffects
  • Brocade Black.ONEffects
  • Brocade Corners.ONEffects
  • Clean Paper.ONEffects
  • Courtney.ONEffects
  • Cracked Earth.ONEffects
  • Cracked Paint.ONEffects
  • Croc.ONEffects
  • Crumpled Paper.ONEffects
  • Dark Clouds.ONEffects
  • Dark Text 1.ONEffects
  • Dark Text 2.ONEffects
  • Dark Text 3.ONEffects
  • Darken Bottom.ONEffects
  • Darken Left.ONEffects
  • Darken Right.ONEffects
  • Darken Top.ONEffects
  • Edges to White.ONEffects
  • Emulsion Transfer 2.ONEffects
  • Emulsion Transfer 3.ONEffects
  • Fibers.ONEffects
  • Focusing Screen.ONEffects
  • Folded Paper 4.ONEffects
  • Folded Paper 8.ONEffects
  • Ghosted Border B&W Dark.ONEffects
  • Ghosted Border B&W Light.ONEffects
  • Ghosted Border B&W Normal.ONEffects
  • Ghosted Border Dark.ONEffects
  • Ghosted Border Light.ONEffects
  • Gold Toner.ONEffects
  • Ground Glass.ONEffects
  • Gum Dichromate.ONEffects
  • Hassy Thick.ONEffects
  • Hassy Thin.ONEffects
  • Inky.ONEffects
  • Itchy.ONEffects
  • Light Brick.ONEffects
  • Light Leak 2.ONEffects
  • Light Leak 3.ONEffects
  • Light Leak 5.ONEffects
  • Light Leak 6.ONEffects
  • Light Leak 7.ONEffects
  • Light Text 1.ONEffects
  • Light Text 2.ONEffects
  • Light Text 3.ONEffects
  • Lighten Edges.ONEffects
  • Martha.ONEffects
  • Motion Bottom.ONEffects
  • Motion Left.ONEffects
  • Motion Right.ONEffects
  • Motion Top and Bottom.ONEffects
  • Motion Top.ONEffects
  • Paisley.ONEffects
  • Pinline Border Black.ONEffects
  • Pinline Border White.ONEffects
  • Platinum Brush.ONEffects
  • Portrait Dark.ONEffects
  • Portrait Light.ONEffects
  • Powerful Clouds.ONEffects
  • Recycled.ONEffects
  • Red Floral.ONEffects
  • Rice Paper Light.ONEffects
  • Rice Paper Vignette.ONEffects
  • Rust.ONEffects
  • Scratched Metal.ONEffects
  • Scratchy.ONEffects
  • Screen Door.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 10.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 11.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 12.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 13.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 14.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 15.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 16.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 17.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 18.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 19.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 2.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 4.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 6.ONEffects
  • Sloppy Border 8.ONEffects
  • Subtle Clouds.ONEffects
  • Thin Mint.ONEffects
  • Tin Type Dirty.ONEffects
  • Torn Paper.ONEffects
  • Warm Brick.ONEffects
  • Warm Gray Violet.ONEffects
  • Warm Gray.ONEffects
  • Warm Swirl.ONEffects
  • White Key.ONEffects
  • White Round Key.ONEffects
  • White Vignette.ONEffects
  • Whitney Horizontal.ONEffects
  • Whitney Vertical.ONEffects
  • Worn Brick.ONEffects
  • Yellowed Paper Dark.ONEffects
  • Yellowed Paper Subtle.ONEffects

Perfect B&W 1.x included with Perfect Photo Suite 7 Standard Edition does not include the following black and white effects.

  • 100 Fuji Acros.ONB&W
  • 100 Ilford Delta.ONB&W
  • 100 Kodak T-MAX.ONB&W
  • 125 Ilford FP4.ONB&W
  • 200 Ilford SFX.ONB&W
  • 32 Kodak Panatomic X.ONB&W
  • 3200 Ilford Delta.ONB&W
  • 3200 Kodak T-MAX.ONB&W
  • 400 Fuji Neopan.ONB&W
  • 400 Ilford Delta.ONB&W
  • 400 Ilford HP5.ONB&W
  • 400 Ilford XP2 Super.ONB&W
  • 400 Kodak BW400CN.ONB&W
  • 400 Kodak T-MAX.ONB&W
  • 400 Kodak TRI-X.ONB&W
  • 50 Ilford PAN F.ONB&W
  • Albumen Print.ONB&W
  • Daguerreotype Dirty.ONB&W
  • Daguerreotype Hand Colored.ONB&W
  • Flatiron.ONB&W
  • Pictorial Portrait.ONB&W
  • Pinhole Blue.ONB&W
  • What a Day.ONB&W

Accessing Perfect Photo Suite 7.x Premium Edition in your workflow

Posted on October 30, 2012

Perfect Photo Suite 7.x works where you do—in Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or on its own as a standalone application. The video below applies to Perfect Photo Suite 7.x Premium Edition and the individual products included in this version of the Suite. These include; Perfect B&W 1, Perfect Portrait 2, Perfect Layers 3, Perfect Effects 4, Perfect Mask 5.2, Perfect Resize 7.5 (Standard and Pro), and FocalPoint 2. This video will show you how to open or launch the software from each application.

Please note, Perfect Layers is not available as a Photoshop Plug-in. This works as a plug-in for Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Apple Aperture, or as a standalone application. Here are the instructions for accessing onOne Software within Adobe Photoshop Elements.

GPS Metadata is not preserved when using onOne plug-ins in the Lightroom Plug-In Extras menu

Posted on

When using onOne plug-ins through the Plug-In Extras menu in Photoshop Lightroom, the GPS metadata from Raw camera files is not maintained. If you are experiencing this issue, the following options will maintain the GPS metadata.

  • Access your onOne plug-ins from the Edit In menu for Perfect Portrait, Perfect Effects, Perfect B&W, FocalPoint and Perfect Resize.
  • Add the Perfect Photo Suite (or Perfect Layers or Perfect Mask) as an external editor in the Lightroom preferences.