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Error Message: “You do not have permision for the chosen files. Choose an alternative place to save files.”

The factory “Extras” included in Perfect Photo Suite 8 privileges are set as “Read Only” and this simply means you cannot save the files back to the same folder location.  You may still use all the factory Extras and Save them but you must choose a new location.  This prevents you from accidentally overwriting the… Read more »

The Perfect Effects 8 installer will not install if you already have a full version of Perfect Photo Suite 8 installed

The solution is to run this onOne remove files app available here: Uninstall Instructions This will remove all residual onOne files from a trial or beta on your machine.  After you have completed these instructions please attempt to run the installer again. If you are an owner of Perfect Photo Suite 8 you do not need… Read more »

Perfect Photo Suite 8.1 update fails

If the update installer could not find Perfect Photo Suite 8 to update, please download and run the full installer of the correct Edition you own. Downloads Mac: Perfect Photo Suite 8.1 Premium Edition Perfect Photo Suite 8.1 LR & AP Edition Windows: Perfect Photo Suite 8.1 Premium Edition Perfect Photo Suite 8.1 LR &… Read more »

Ononecorefoundation.dll Is Missing From Your Computer- Error Message

This error can occur if there are older plugins lingering in your plugins folder of Photoshop after installing Suite 8 and trying to launch Photoshop. To correct the error goto your: [Local Disk (C:)]\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CSx 64bit\Plugins: Delete any older plugin files of ours that may still be lingering in the plugins folder or… Read more »

Does Perfect Photo Suite 8 work on 32-bit systems?

Unfortunately, Perfect Photo Suite 8 requires a 64-bit system. It will not work on 32-bit.

The plug-ins are not showing in Lightroom (Mac only)

If the plug-ins are not showing after running the installer, they can be installed into LightRoom manually using the instructions below. Please launch Lightroom and go to File > Plug-in Manager Click “Add” at the bottom left of the menu A finder window will open to browse to the correct folder location (see path below)… Read more »

Perfect Photo Suite 8 – FAQ’s

To view the FAQ’s for Perfect Photo Suite 8, please click here

iCloud Photostream Alert When Attempting To Save File

When you attempt to open an iCloud Photo Stream photo you will see the following alert: You may still open, edit, and save photos that are stored in iCloud but you must choose a different destination. Click “OK” and choose a folder or create a new one in the dialogue that appears. This will be… Read more »

What are the differences between the three versions of Perfect Photo Suite 8?

The products are not displaying from the “Edit In” menu – Lightroom only

Enabling the option “Store presets with catalog” will prevent certain onOne Software products from showing up in the (right click) Edit In menu. To get the products to show in the menu, please uncheck the option below (Go to the Preferences menu and choose Presets to access this option). See image below. Certain onOne Software… Read more »

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