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PhotoTools is crashing Apple Aperture when the product is launched

NOTE: This is for PhotoTools 2.0 ONLY, it will NOT work for version 2.5

To fix this issue, the following file will need to be downloaded. Please click here to download the file and follow the steps below.

  1. Please make sure to close Apple Aperture so that it is not running
  2. Go to the following location: Mac HDLibraryApplication SupportAperturePlug-Ins
  3. Move the PhotoTools 2.ApertureEdit file in this location to another location (desktop).
  4. The file downloaded from the link above will replace the file moved in the the previous step. Please unzip PhotoTools 2.ApertureEdit and place it into the Plug-Ins folder (Mac HDLibraryApplication SupportAperturePlug-Ins).
  5. Once you completed these steps, please start up Aperture and you will be able to launch and use PhotoTools

An error message occurs when the camera is in “Bulb” mode

The following cameras do not support shooting in bulb mode with DSLR Camera Remote. Unfortunately there is no way for us to add this functionality, as it is a limitation of the Canon EOS SDK which our product is build on top of.

1D Mark II

1Ds Mark II

1D Mark IIn




Rebel XT/350D/Kiss Digital N

Rebel XTi/400D/Kiss Digital X