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Perfect Photo Suite 8 & Smart Objects?

Many of the module of the Perfect Photo Suite are accessible as plug-ins inside of Adobe® Photoshop®. Photoshop has a special layer type, called a Smart Object which can contain dynamic content. Some plug-ins that affect only the basic contents of a Smart Object can be applied as Smart Filters which allow them to be re-edited. Smart Filters can not change the size or position of a layer or manipulate the mask on the Smart Object. Below is a table that describes how Smart Objects may be used with different modules of the Perfect Photo Suite when accessed as plug-ins via Photoshop.

Current Products

Smart Object

Smart Filter

Perfect Effects 8YesYes1
Perfect Portrait 8YesYes1
Perfect Mask 8Yes5No
Perfect Enhance 8

Perfect Resize 8Yes4No
Perfect Batch

Legacy Products
Perfect Effects 4

Perfect Effects 3YesYes1
Perfect Portrait 2YesYes1
Perfect Portrait 1YesYes1
Perfect Mask 5 Yes4 No
Mask Pro 4.1 Yes2,5 No
FocalPoint 2

FocalPoint 1 YesYes1
Perfect Resize 7.5Yes4No
Perfect Resize 7Yes4No
Genuine Fractals 6Yes4No
PhotoFrame 4.6YesYes
PhotoFrame 3NoNo
PhotoTune 3YesYes
PhotoTune 2

PhotoTools 2.6

PhotoTools 1




1. Work you brush with the Masking Brush is not stored in a Smart Filter. If you reopen a Smart Filter after applying you will need to re-brush areas.

2. Does not work on Mac OSX with Photoshop CS5.

3. Applied to a rasterized copy of the target layer or composite image.

4. Supports basic SmartObjects in a layered file when the SmartObject is not the selected layer. The Perfect Resize algorithm is not used when resizing a SmartObject, masks or text layers

5. You need to select the layer mask on the Smart Object, then open the plug-in