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How to update video card drivers

Note: Please contact the video card manufacturer for technical assistance when updating the video card drivers.

Instructions for updating the drivers on Windows Vista, 7,  & 8

1. To look up your video card manufacturer and model, choose Start, and then type dxdiag in the Search and press Enter.

2. This will bring up the DirectX Diagnostic Tool window.

3. Click the ‘Display’ tab at the top.  The ‘Name’ field will show the video card manufacturer and model. Here is an example below.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 3.52.23 PM













4.  Please go directly to the manufacturers website to download and install the the driver update specific for your model. (ATI Radeon) (GeForce, Ion, Quadro, etc)

We do not support Intel® Graphics cards.


The image is not being shown when the product is launched – Windows only


In most cases updating video card drivers will fix this issue. This will not be the case for all video cards. These products require the video card supports OpenGL 2.0 or greater with a recommend 256mb of memory. If the video card does support OpenGL 2.0, please make sure the video card drivers are up to date.

  • Please click here to find out if your card supports OpenGL 2.0.
  • Click here to view instructions for updating the video card driver.
  • Please also review the video card requirements and OpenGL article here.

NOTE: The black preview can also be caused by lack of memory and the video card can be fine. You can troubleshoot this by trying a small image after restarting PS. If that works, it is a memory issue, not a video card issue. In this case, please click here and use the steps for adjusting memory.

Instructions for updating the drivers on Windows XP

To update the video card driver, you will need to know the make and model of the video card.

  1. To check the video card make and model right click on the My Computer icon
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click on to the hardware tab
  4. Then click on the Device Manager button
  5. Click on the plus icon that is next to Display adapters
  6. This will show the make and model of the video card

Instructions for updating the drivers on Windows Vista and Windows 7

  1. Start by right clicking on desktop
  2. Go to>Personalize>Display Settings>Advanced Settings> Adapter Type (the video card make and model is listed here)
  3. Then go to >Properties>Driver: (the driver date is listed here)

If the driver date is older than 1-2 months, there is most likely a driver update available from the manufacturer. We recommend going to the manufacturers website and downloading and installing the the driver update specific to your model.

Once you know the make and model of the video card, you will be able to update the driver from the video card manufacturer’s website.

The card will need to support Open GL 2.0 or above with 256 MB dedicated memory.

Here are some popular video card manufacturer’s websites. Their support team will be able to assist you in updating the drivers. (ATI Radeon) (GeForce, Ion, Quadro, etc)